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LED Driver with SwitchDim

LED Driver with SwitchDim

With the series HW03 of the manufacturer Anway Electric we offer a family of LED power supplies, with which lightings can be dimmed by SwitchDim in a very simple way by means of a commercial mains voltage switch. This makes it possible to develop luminaires that are very convenient and cost-effective to dim.

With the SwitchDim control can be selected from 2 modes of operation:

  • Stepless dimming:
    by simply switching off and on, the lamp can be put into dimming mode, the brightness can now be dimmed continuously. The selected brightness value is stored by switching off and on again.
  • Dimming in 3 steps:
    In this version, by repeatedly switching off and on, the lamp is dimmed in the 3 stages 100% 50% and 10%. Here, too, the selected brightness value can be saved by switching off and on again.

The HW03 product series covers the power range of 5 - 80W, with an output current of 350mA - 1500mA. The power supplies are GS tested and CE certified. The output current is flicker free according to the current ERP guideline.


About the SwitchDim drivers:

As an authorized distributor of Anway Electric, we are available to answer all your questions about LED dimming with SwitchDim and beyond. We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of the appropriate SwitchDim driver and possible adaptations.