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Plug-in power supplies with medical approval

Plug-in power supplies with medical approval For GlobTek Inc., as a leading manufacturer of power supplies, the focus is on highest quality and reliability. This plays a particularly important role in medical technology. Globtek has now also certified the 6 Watt plug-in power supply GTM41078-0605-USB according to the standards ANSI/AAMI IEC 60601-1, third edition for Europe, USA, Canada, Asia and Africa at 5V to 6V output voltage.

The device also complies with the more stringent 2MoPP insulation requirements for medical devices and is therefore also suitable for medical devices with patient contact.
The output voltage can be set between 5VDC and 6VDC depending on the customer's requirements.

With very low residual ripple, integrated overcurrent, short-circuit and thermal protection, and low leakage current, the product is suitable for almost all applications using DC voltage. Common applications include medical devices, portable medical treatment and monitoring equipment, and hospital equipment instruments. The power supply unit can also be used as a power supply for lithium-ion battery chargers.

This device meets the international requirements for Level V energy efficiency due to its particularly low standby power consumption and high efficiency.

GlobTek is ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485 certified; processes ensure that customer orders are produced and delivered as agreed and in compliance with medical device standards.

The GTM-41078-0605-USB is small and equipped with an interchangeable adapter system. The exchangeable country adapters are available for North America, Japan, Europe, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, China, Korea, Argentina, India, Brazil and also as 320IEC adapters.

Globtek is especially characterized by its strong customer orientation. Thus customer-specific housing colours and shapes, output cable types and lengths as well as customer-specific packaging are possible on request.

The GTM-41078-0605-USB has a USB-A socket on the output side. In addition to the standard version, the USB cable is also available in a customer-specific version. Convinced of the quality of its products Globtek gives 5 years warranty.