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Neumüller presents a new 365nm UV-LED

Neumüller presents a new 365nm UV-LED One new product in the portfolio of Neumüller is a High-Power UV LED with a peak wavelength of 365nm. The manufacturer Seoul Viosys is one of the best performing UV LED manufacturers worldwide.The UV LED Chip is supplied in 3535 package. It has an optical output power of typ. 660mW @500mA. With a Forward Voltage of 3,8V an efficiency of almost 35% could be reached. Compared to market competitors these data are leading in performance. Traditional 3535 packages using silicone domes for covering the LED chip. The advantage of the new C3535 package is the special window glass cover which guarantees higher performance and reliability. UV irradiation ≤ can damage silicone which could cause a faster degradation of the LED. By using special glass prevents such a risk. To reduce the thermal resistance of the LED, semi-conducting materials like ceramic are used in order to achieve an improved heat transfer. Du to this fact the heat transfer will result a better lifetime performance of the LED. Possible fields of application are non-destructive material control, forensic applications, curing of paint, lacquer and glue, lithography application as well as medical applications.Neumüller is authorized distributor of Seoul Viosys for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and BeNeLux.For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Published: 2/2/2015

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