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LA5000 series - 5000 watt powerful water heat exchangers.

LA5000 series - 5000 watt powerful water heat exchangers.

🔥 Improved thermal performance and maximum system availability! The new LA5000 series liquid-to-air heat exchangers from Laird offer reliable and compact performance thanks to their 5000 watt water heat exchanger. The LA5000 is designed to operate above ambient temperatures, eliminating the risk of condensation. The robust system operates continuously, continuously monitoring fluid levels in the system and notifying the user of preventive maintenance to avoid costly downtime. As a result, users can expect over 10,000 hours of continuous, maintenance-free operation.

To improve thermal performance, the LA5000's cooling system uses a more powerful heat exchanger and a more efficient fan that reduces operating noise and the temperature difference between liquid and air by a factor of 2. The coolant is circulated using a high-pressure pump to ensure maximum flow rate over a wide operating range. The heat from the coolant is dissipated to the environment via a heat exchanger and fan. Compared to standard liquid chillers that operate below ambient temperature, the LA5000 liquid cooling system operates above ambient temperature at a lower cost. The LA5000 series is UL recognized by IEC standards.

Typical applications:

  • Immersion cooling and heat removal in particle accelerators.
  • linear accelerators
  • cyclotrons
  • Semiconductor production equipment
  • Medical X-ray
  • Industrial X-ray scanners

LA5000 series - 5000 watt powerful water heat exchangers.

Published: 2/9/2023

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