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Manufacturer-independent dimming [DALI, Push-Dim, 1-10 V]

Manufacturer-independent dimming [DALI, Push-Dim, 1-10 V]

As Lighting Distributor Neumüller together with FRIWO has created a unique product range for dimming lighting applications. This means that room or street lighting can be adapted to the respective lighting conditions. This is a high priority nowadays, not least for energy-saving reasons. The system is so innovative and flexible that it can even be retrofitted for existing applications.

In this context the "DIMMbox" offers a technically sophisticated solution for dimming LED lighting solutions. The DIMMbox enables the user to dim lighting via interfaces such as DALI, Push-Dim or 1-10 V. The brightness is controlled by pulse width modulation (PWM) at 600 Hz, so no flickering is visible during dimming. On the input and output side, the DIMMbox operates with a voltage range of 15-50 VDC at a current of up to 5 A.

In conjunction with FRIWO LED drivers, the DIMMbox can be used both in constant voltage and constant current mode. In constant voltage mode it is also possible to connect the DIMMbox to other devices without any problems. High flexibility is achieved by the minimal cross-section of the DIMMbox. With a size of 21 x 30 x 153 mm (H x W x L), this device can also be used in the narrowest profiles.

At present, three standard versions are available from Neumüller: the DIMMbox in the dimming range 10-100 %, the DIMMbox-CV with 1-100 % and 10-100 % including an additional output switch-off (light off) in the version "DIMMbox/1-10 V/Aus".

All versions have European approval (ENEC) and comply with the low voltage directives EN61347-1, EN61347-2-11 and EN60065. On the EMC side, the DIMM boxes comply with EN55015, EN55022 and EN61547.

Published: 4/7/2015

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