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Industrial thermostatic switches

Industrial thermostatic switches

Learn about our rugged industrial thermostatic switches with a wide range of form factors and connection options that provide solutions for any industrial application. As switches, Sensata's thermostatic switches respond mechanically to a system's media based on a predetermined temperature value.

Overview [PDF] of the most requested thermostats:

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A thermostatic switch is an electrical switch that turns on or off based on the temperature of a system. It consists of a temperature sensor, a bimetal strip, and a contact system. The bimetal strip is designed to bend at a certain temperature due to the difference in expansion of two metals, which in turn opens or closes the contact system, turning the power supply to a device on or off.

In industrial practice, a thermostatic switch is often used to control the temperature of heating systems, such as in ovens, air conditioners or refrigerators. When the temperature reaches or exceeds a predetermined level, the thermostatic switch turns the heating system on or off to maintain the temperature at the desired level. This is an important part of energy reduction in industrial processes. Similarly, a thermostatic switch can perform safety-related tasks in the event of a fault or overtemperature by being used as part of a monitoring system. The monitoring system should have temperature limits that, when exceeded, trigger an alarm signal to issue a warning or initiate a protective measure, such as shutting down the equipment to prevent destruction of the device or a fire. Typical applications are coffee machines, wall heaters, heaters in vehicles for the transport of goods and people, but also other industrial applications where overheating would cause irreversible damage.

Industrial thermostatic switches

Published: 2/17/2023

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