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Level VI compliant power supplies with integrated USB-A socket

Level VI compliant power supplies with integrated USB-A socket

There are new statutory efficiency standards for external AC/DC power supplies.

As of February 2016, all external power supplies produced for the U.S. market must meet the higher requirements for no-load power loss and efficiency to Level VI efficiency. It will probably only be a matter of time before Europe also sets the new environmental guidelines.

For OEMs, it is especially important to be up to date on what standards are to be met to ensure that all regulations of the countries they supply are met.

With Neumüller and Globtek you have reliable partners at your side. We inform you about all important standards and guidelines for your application purposes and keep you up to date in order to supply you with products conforming to the standards according to the latest technologies in good time before legislative changes.

Globtek, as an innovative "green" technology company, already has some devices with Level VI protection in its portfolio and will continue to do so in the future. The USB plug-in power supplies of the product families GT-83083-USB-W2E and GTM-43085 are Level VI compliant.

The 5-watt GT-83083-USB-W2E series with integral Euro-plug and 5V USB-A jack uses closed, non-ventilated polycarbonate enclosures. The devices have a stabilized output voltage (+-5%) with low ripple and high efficiency (min. 73.77%). Therefore, the highly efficient plug-in power supplies are versatile. In addition to a wide range of industrial applications, they are also suitable for marine, consumer, measurement and telecommunications applications.

The 10 Watt series GTM-43085 with exchangeable international power plugs and integrated USB-A socket is also flexible. It is especially suitable for use in medical devices. The power supplies are certified according to 2xMOPP (means of patient protection). There are therefore two independent insulations that protect the patient from electric shocks. The 2xMOPP certifications go beyond the 2xMOOP requirements. Furthermore, this series conforms to the 60601-1-11 standard. The design is also designed to withstand electrostatic discharges (8kV contact / 20kV air). The output voltage is optionally between 5V and 6V. The Globtek interchangeable adapters can be flexibly and easily exchanged in the field, are available for almost all countries in the world and have worldwide safety approvals and certifications.

Convinced of the quality of its products, Globtek gives a 5 year warranty on all power supplies and chargers.

Published: 6/4/2015

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