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Distance measurement made easy with TOF range 611

Distance measurement made easy with TOF range 611

With the TOF range 611 of the Swiss photonic specialist Espros distances up to 15m can be measured. The extremely slim module is based on time-of-flight technology and can therefore be used independently of ambient light, whether in total darkness or in sunshine. The module delivers distance values at a serial high speed UART interface with a resolution of 0.1 millimetres and associated signal strength information with up to 500 measured values per second. Thanks to the highly sensitive sensor chip, the module requires only a single infrared LED (850nm) and therefore poses no problem for eye safety.

The TOF>range 611 is particularly suitable for applications in the field of mobile robotics for navigation via SLAM (Simultaneous localizing and mapping), for collision avoidance with automation robots or for level measurement of solid and liquid raw materials. This makes it particularly easy and cost-effective to integrate distance measurement into your application. Of course, an evaluation kit is also available with intuitive software with graphical user interface for PC or Mac incl. source codes. Check it out!

Published: 8/29/2019

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