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Cable programmable LED drivers

Cable programmable LED drivers

The company uPowerTek has expanded the portfolio of their LED drivers, by versions that are programmable by cable. By means of a small programming adapter, the following properties of the drivers can be customized via the USB interface of a PC:

  • Output current
  • Constant Lumen Output
  • Time Profile

A reduction of the output current does not lead to a reduction of the output power, because the output voltage range of the LED driver is extended accordingly (Constant Power Output). About the time profile can be programmed, for example, different current values for day and night operation. In Constant Lumen Output mode, the output current of the LED driver is adjusted according to the aging of the connected LED module. The LED drivers do not need to be connected to the power supply for the programming process. These cable-programmable versions are available even in times of scarce semiconductor devices.


You have questions about uPowerTek's cable-programmable LED drivers? As an authorized distributor, Neumüller Elektronik GmbH maintains a very close partnership with uPowerTek and will be happy to advise you with its many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible customizations. Feel free to contact us!