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Flexxon Introduces Its New WORM SD and MicroSD Memory Cards

Flexxon Introduces Its New WORM SD and MicroSD Memory Cards

The Singaporean manufacturer Flexxon visited our headquarters in Weisendorf and presented its new WORM SD/MicroSD memory cards. The WORM SD/MicroSD memory cards were developed to detect illegal behavior of users and to take countermeasures. If illegal behavior is detected, the Flexxon WORM card switches to read-only mode to protect the data and ensure its integrity at all times. Once the write-protect mode is activated, the device must be restarted or the card ejected and inserted to be able to write to the card again.

As of 01.01.2020, cash registers in Germany whose design technically permits it must be equipped with a so-called technical safety device (TSE). The security device stores the transactions of the cash register on its internal memory and delivers a code back to the cash register. This code shall be printed on each sales document. The data is stored in an unchangeable protocol, which must be exportable for the tax office.

Published: 11/6/2019

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