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Digitally controlled DC/DC converters with PMBus interface

Digitally controlled DC/DC converters with PMBus interface No other topic currently dominates the power supply market more than Digital Power. Digital control of DC/DC converters enables simple and flexible circuit design of a complex power supply architecture and offers the possibility to significantly improve the efficiency, power density and reliability of the power supply system through numerous functions.

Delta Electronics, the world market leader in the field of power supplies, is driving the development of digital power and is increasingly launching models with PMBus-compatible digital interfaces on the market.

Delta currently offers the converters E48SC, E54SD in Eight Brick format with up to 360W and Q48SC in the area of intermediate bus converters, Q54SG in quarter-brick format with up to 600W and H48SC in half-brick format with 450W. Delta achieves amazingly high efficiencies of up to 96.5%.

The DGQ12S0A0S25 from Delta, a digital point-of-load converter, converts input voltages between 8V and 12V into an adjustable output voltage between 0.7V and 3.3V, delivering a current of 25A at an efficiency of 93.7% (@3.3V/25A).

Also in the range of AC/DC conversion Delta has a PMBus-compatible power supply series - the BACSR series with up to 360W. AC voltages from a wide input voltage range from 85V to 265V can be converted to either 12V, 24V, 48V or 57V with an efficiency of 93.5%.

Digital power can significantly shorten development times and time to market, while dramatically reducing energy costs. In addition, the parameters can be easily adjusted at any time, even after delivery to the customer on site. Another feature of the innovative power supplies from the Delta technology group to be emphasized is the possibility of load distribution with parallel connection of the devices.