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NEW: 275nm UV-LED with 50mW

NEW: 275nm UV-LED with 50mW With the new UV-LED CUD8AF4D the manufacturer Seoul Viosys has introduced its next milestone in the UV-LED development and thus achieved an enormous performance leap in the short-wave UV spectrum.

The newly released UV-LED generates ultraviolet radiation with an extremely low wavelength of 275nm and an optical power of 50mW. The aluminium housing, which measures just 6.3mm x 6.3mm, offers very good thermal conductivity and a flat window cover made of highly transmission-capable quartz glass.

In addition to the technical parameters, the price/performance ratio, which for the first time enables cost-efficient use in industrial applications, is particularly noteworthy.

Ultraviolet radiation in a wavelength range between 200nm and 280nm is highly effective for sterilisation applications. This is especially true for the disinfection of water, air and surfaces.