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STRADELLA-8-HV-ME3 - for more efficient street lighting

STRADELLA-8-HV-ME3 - for more efficient street lighting

Street lighting is all about visibility, energy efficiency and cost calculation.

One of the main objectives in the development of the new STRADELLA-8-HV-ME3 was to achieve the largest possible pole spacing with low TI% (Threshold Incremental) and high Ul (Longitudinal Uniformity). All simulations showed that the lens can easily meet all these requirements with a pole spacing of 80 meters.

The ME3 beam is suitable for installations up to a 1:6 pole height to pole spacing ratio, which can already result in large savings. Moreover, compared to previous STRADELLA-8-HV-ME, the ME3 beam can outperform it with an efficiency of about +20%, even on lower poles.

The STRADELLA-8-HV-ME3 LED lens is made of PMMA and is compatible with Mid- and High-Power LEDs of 3030 and 3535 sizes.

3 good reasons to choose STRADELLA-8-HV-ME3:

- The total cost (or savings) for a street lighting pole is about 3000 to 5000 € including all works.
- More sustainable in terms of environmental impact and materials needed.
- Less maintenance required.

Published: 5/25/2022

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