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New potentiometers and encoders for industrial applications

New potentiometers and encoders for industrial applications

TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance-critical applications, has added three series and three new product families to its variable resistor portfolio under its BI Technologies brand. The portfolio additions include a new encoder series and two new single-turn potentiometer families, as well as the expansion of three existing potentiometer families. These new products are ideal for rugged industrial applications such as welding equipment and machine controls, as well as a variety of professional audio applications such as electric guitars, amplifiers and mixers.

"TT Electronics has been committed to providing world-class products and service to the industrial and professional audio markets, and our newest additions are indicative of that pledge," said Barry Peters, VP Product Management and Engineering, TT Electronics. "With more technical variations than ever before, our portfolio offers designers greater flexibility to enhance the quality and reliability of their end products."

The EN05 series miniature rotary encoders (encoders) are an innovative solution for precision control of small portable devices. The EN05 encoders are designed for long life-at least 100,000 cycles. Its compact size (5.8-mm-wide package) and hollow-shaft design make the EN05 series ideal for applications where space is at a premium but precise control of functionality is required, such as computer accessories and electronic devices.

The new P166 and P265 rotary potentiometer families offer a wide resistance range from 500Ω to 1MΩ and are designed for advanced wave soldering processes. These products are available with a variety of options such as tapering, wave / socket types, multi-start, multiple output and circuit variations. The P265 series features an internal shaft seal for moisture protection and meets PCB cleaning requirements and MIL-R-94 standards where applicable. Application examples for the P166 include amplifiers, mixers, synthesizers, home appliances, audio equipment, car radios, and industrial controls. Application examples for the P265 series include audiovisual equipment, test and measurement equipment, portable two-way radios and radios, and laboratory equipment.

The additions to the P09x and P260 TT potentiometer families make the selection of options within each series clearer. For example, the P09x series is now available with concentric shafts (P09xC) and with center taps (P09xT) and is suitable for audio equipment, amplifiers, mixers, TV and multimedia sound systems, headphones and portable radios. The P260 series now also includes P260L options with standard cable and P260R for ribbon cable. The P270 series has been expanded to include the P279 type with a rugged jack and seven new electrical angles, ideal for machine controls, welding equipment and foot pedal controls.

For more technical information, see the corresponding data sheets for EN05, P166, P265, P09x, P260, P270.


You have questions about TT Electronics' potentiometers and encoders? As an authorized distributor, Neumüller Elektronik GmbH maintains a very close partnership with TT Electronics and will be happy to use its many years of experience to advise you on the selection of suitable components and possible adaptations. Contact us!

Published: 5/21/2021

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