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Simple LED dimming with Push-Dim

Simple LED dimming with Push-Dim

Push-Dim is an additional function that is becoming more and more popular with DALI LED power supplies. But what exactly is Push-Dim?

The naming can vary from Push-Dim to Push-Dimmer, Switch-Dim to Touch-Dim depending on the manufacturer, but the solution is always the same. The customer has the benefit of choosing one of two installation options:

   1. integration of the LED power supply into an existing DALI system or
  2. when DALI isn’t installed, use the convenient installation (230V) but with the added value of being able to the dim the lights up and down manually.

Especially the second option is easily installed and saves time in the installation as it requires no knowledge about DALI or any programming at all. With only three wires for the power supply - phase / neutral / switching contact from a push-button - a simple but convenient use can be achieved. In addition to switching the light on and off, the end user can also dim the lighting up and down with a standard push-button. The possible combinations of push-dim power supply and push-button include 1:1, 1:N, N:1 and N:N. The push-button can also be combined with the push-button to switch the lighting on or off.

As an authorized distributor of uPowerTek, Friwo and Enedo as well as with our own Push-Dim power supplies we are at your disposal for all questions concerning "LED dimming with Push-Dim" and beyond. In addition to well-known push-dim power supplies, such as the uPowerTek BLD-120-V012-ANS or the Dimmbox from Friwo, we are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adaptations.