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The new MAGNEPOT 8150 Series

The new MAGNEPOT 8150 Series

The new MAGNEPOT® 8150 Series - a combination of HallEffect and robust Potentiometerdesign for highest demands

The new MagnePot® 8150 series is a contactless multi-turn position sensor, which completes at least 10 million revolutions with highest reliability without any impairment of the output signal in any way.

The many years of experience BI Technologies with regard to the potentiometer development comes to bear here. Due to the contactless sensor technology, noiseless, absolutely exact output signals can be measured. The 8150 series is available in different versions of 3, 5 or 10 revolutions. The ratiometric output voltage range is available from 4% to 96% of the supply voltage.

All product variants have a power supply of 5 Vdc. For maximum flexibility, custom solutions are available with various output voltages, servo mounts, potted shafts for harsh environments, non-linear outputs and IP50 or IP66 protection classes.

The high quality and reliability of the 8150 series convince customers in industrial technology, such as joystick control, speed and motion measurement, in medical technology, such as position control of diagnostic instruments and customers in the aerospace industry, from visual position measurement to flight and operator control. Convince yourself.

Further information and data sheets can be obtained directly from us.

Published: 1/25/2016

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