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Smart RGB LEDs

Smart RGB LEDs

Unlike conventional RGB LEDs, Smart RGB LEDs have an integrated driver IC, allowing each individual color to be controlled via serial protocol. The addressable LEDs are 8-bit RGB LEDs that provide 256 different brightness levels, allowing over 16 million color combinations to be displayed. This makes it possible to realize RGB LED strip with a very high pixel density, since no additional space is required for external driver ICs. Neumüller's addressable LEDs, e.g. NMOP-10136, offer significant advantages compared to competitive products:

  • Higher update rate of up to 10kHz prevents visible flicker, e.g. during film recording

  • Bi-directional serial communication enables e.g. automatic detection of the number of LEDs connected in series

  • Integrated power saving mode reduces power consumption to 5µA in sleep mode

  • A special function for synchronization of the LEDs prevents delayed reaction of parallel operated LED strips

The digital RGB LED's are available in different designs in Chipled or PLCC4 package.

You have questions about our Smart RGB LEDs? We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments. Please contact us!

Published: 4/28/2021

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