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The new UV High Power COB module from Seoul Viosys

The new UV High Power COB module from Seoul Viosys

Seoul Viosys proudly presents its new UV High Power COB module with an innovative modular design. This module offers scalable solutions for different applications and is characterized by its remarkable flexibility.

The modular design makes it possible to assemble individual lengths for each application, allowing scalable adaptation to different needs. With a grid dimension of 25mm, the module also offers a standardized mounting option that facilitates installation and integration into existing or new systems. In addition, an innovative heat dissipation concept on a copper carrier ensures optimum heat dissipation, which improves the performance and reliability of the UV module.

An integrated NTC sensor enables precise temperature monitoring of the module in real time, which further increases the safety and performance of the application. The module is available in three different wavelengths: 365 nm, 385 nm and 395 nm to cover a wide range of requirements.

With an impressive optical output power, the UV High Power COB module from Seoul Viosys offers a wide range of application possibilities. Although it has been specifically optimized for curing applications, it is also ideal for other applications.

The new UV High Power COB module from Seoul Viosys

Published: 2/8/2024

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