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Panel Power goes UP!

Panel Power goes UP!

From Q3/2024, Delta Electronics will continue the upward trend in the power sector for panel mount power supplies with medical and industrial approvals. Following on from the 1.5KW series already available, the new MEB-2K5A series devices with up to 2,500 watts output power with 24V/36V/48V output variants and an additional 5V/2A stand-by output will then be available. The metal flange connections on the DC side ensure safe and current-capable contacting.

With a power density of 29.5W/inch³, the power supply units with the two fans, which have temperature-controlled running speeds, are ultra-compact! Due to the low leakage current, they can be used in medical systems that require BF class. Active power sharing means even more power is possible when connected in parallel! The outputs can also be operated either in fixed voltage mode or in constant current mode.

Certain monitoring and controlling functions can be carried out via the integrated PM bus. Safety approvals are planned for the full range of applications in the medical, industrial and household sectors.