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New 375nm UV-A LED in CA3535 package

New 375nm UV-A LED in CA3535 package

Seoul Viosys has expanded its product portfolio in the 375nm UV-A range. With the UV-LED CUN7GF1B, the implemented UV1000 chip typ. 900mW @500mA in a highly thermally conductive CA3535 package with UV transmission flat lens and has a radiation angle of 115°. This means that the gap in the available wavelengths of 365nm and - 405nm closed.

The main areas of application for UV-A LEDs are Curing of inks, coatings, lacquers and adhesives. Further areas of application are material testing and forensic purposes.

Technical data:

Wavelength: 375nm
Po typ: 900mW
If typ.: 500mA
Vf typ.: 3.6V
Housing: CA3535 (3.5 x 3.5mm) ceramic
Beam angle: 115°