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SPM64 - Multispectral Sensors

SPM64 - Multispectral Sensors

With the SPM64 - multispectral sensor developer kit, the Swiss semiconductor manufacturer ESPROS PHOTONICS AG offers another product based on its own Backside Illumination (BSI) manufacturing process. The Sensor Developer Kit is available for two wavelength ranges. On the one hand for the visible (400nm - 900nm) and on the other hand for the near infrared range (775nm - 1075nm). With an 8x8 pixel CCD photodiode array, the sensor offers 64 different color channels. The color information per channel is output to the computer unit via the USB interface with 8 bit accuracy.

In addition to the 8x8 CCD pixel array, the SPM64 also includes 8 different LEDs to illuminate the objects or media (UV, blue, green, red, 850nm, 940nm, white and broadband NIR). This multispectral color sensor is universally applicable for various applications, e.g. spectroscopy, color measurement, multispectral image processing, measurement of biometric data, light analysis, characterization of food and many more.

The distribution is carried out by Neumüller Elektronik GmbH with headquarters in Weisendorf.

Published: 3/6/2017

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