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The new Q48SC 1/4-brick series with PM bus from Delta

The new Q48SC 1/4-brick series with PM bus from Delta

Delta Electronics, Inc., the world's leading power supply manufacturer, has expanded its DC/DC converter board mount product line with the brand new and innovative Q48SC series, a ¼-Brick family of high power density power supplies at an extremely competitive price. The connectors and pin assignment of the converters follow the DOSA industry standard (2.30 "x1.50" x0.37 ").

The Q48SC converter with nominal 48V input, single output and 1.5kV isolation voltage delivers up to 600 watts of output power.
It operates in an input voltage range from 36V to 75V and is available for various output current levels according to customer requirements (25A, 33A, 42A and 50A).

The integrated digital PWM controller performs PWM signal generation, adjusts the output voltage accordingly, and communicates via a PMBus. The converter can be connected in parallel with active current sharing, can be trimmed, switched off via remote input and equipped with comprehensive protection circuits.

The powerful DC/DC converter is characterized by excellent reliability and allows great flexibility in design and application.

The Q48SC converters can easily be connected in parallel for higher power without additional external ORing FET. Through optimized component placement and innovative topologies, the Q48SC converter not only has excellent electrical and thermal properties, but also achieves best efficiencies, reducing board costs and space requirements. The typical full load efficiency is 95%.

The Q48SC converters are equipped with a variety of industry standard features to ensure that this device will operate reliably under the toughest industrial conditions. All modules are fully protected against overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature.

Published: 7/30/2014

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