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DAISY Dark Light Optics

DAISY Dark Light Optics

Multiple applications - one optic: for low-glare lighting in retail, office and architectural applications


With the new DAISY-7X1-O and DAISY-7X1-M, LEDiL has added two more optics to its LEDiL DAISY Dark Light family


The new DAISY-7X1-O has a 25°x 70° oval beam angle that is perfect for wall illumination, accent lighting and corridor lighting in retail, office and architectural environments.

In addition, the DAISY-7X1-M with a medium beam extends the LEDiL DAISY Dark Light family for applications where uniform illumination and a high candela peak are critical.

This versatile beam is optimal for taller installations. The 35° beam angle features good cutoff and low glare for accent lighting, task lighting, and aisle lighting in high bays.

The new DAISY-7X1 lenses are compatible with all existing 7X1 colors and cover black, white and metal with glossy or matte finishes.

DAISY-7X1-O and DAISY-7X1-M are optimized for CSP LEDs, and it is recommended to use 2 LEDs side by side under one optical element.

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Published: 6/11/2021

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