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Quick help for refugees from Ukraine

Quick help for refugees from Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is getting worse with each passing day. The suffering of the people is very close to us. People families, children have to flee their homes and lack the most basic things. It is great that so many people and companies are working flat out to help these people in need. We also wanted to help and joined a collection drive for refugees from Ukraine last weekend. This organized a private aid transport with urgently needed donations in kind directly to the crisis region on the Polish border to the refugees from Ukraine. Thank you to all colleagues who participated in this relief action! We are proud of you.

This is certainly only a small drop in the bucket. But even many small projects can make a big difference!

Our thoughts and sympathy are with the people and their families in Ukraine. This war and the suffering associated with it are an inconceivable tragedy. We pray that this madness will end soon!

Published: 3/7/2022

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