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Connectors with PosiBand are the future

Connectors with PosiBand are the future

Closed receptacles are often used to improve reliability and performance from connectors. In many cases, a grommet is simply pulled over a standard contact with "split tines" to achieve the effect of a closed contact. But properly closed contacts - like the PosiBand - have a continuous fixed ring at the front of the contact. This design offers a high degree of reliability and performance compared to split tines, which have inherent weaknesses.


  • The PosiBand is more robust than the split tine contact, which can burst in harsh environments, reducing normal force and electrical power.
  • PosiBand has a larger surface area at the male and female contact interface, resulting in a more consistent electrical performance.
  • The maximum resistance of size 22 contacts is 0.005 Ohm. The maximum resistance of size 20 contacts is 0.004 Ohm. A low contact resistance offers the possibility to use size 22 and 20 contacts for power supplies.
  • PosiBand has lower average mating forces, resulting in a lighter connection, especially with larger high density connectors. The lower average mating force is achieved by maintaining or exceeding the performance requirements.
  • For the PosiBand contact body the crimp sockets do not have to be tempered and the tines are split. This eliminates the worry of an unwanted heat treatment of the contact end, which can cause an electrical fault.
  • PosiBand is qualified to SAE AS39029 and MIL-DTL-24308 specifications. PosiBand is also certified to GSFC S-311-P4/08 and GSFC S-311-P4/10 for the higher
  • PosiBand is protected by US patent 7,115,002.

The PosiBand contacts manufactured by Positronic since 2009 are increasingly used by customers from the military, aerospace and industrial sectors.

In order to take advantage of this impulse, Positronic is pursuing a 3-year plan to achieve a 90/10 split in favor of PosiBand contacts on selected series.

What does that mean for you?

The most important change is ordering the articles. There are several older article numbers that are affected by this transition.

As an initiative you will find here a list of the measures Positronic is planning:

Year 1:

  • Positronic catalogues and websites no longer contain older part numbers.
  • In 2D product drawings for older parts, the note "Not recommended for new designs" or "Replaced by..." is added.
  • New 2D drawings for older configurations are not generated.
  • Patterns and prototypes for older configurations are no longer provided.
  • Older configurations will only be offered to customers who already have active part masters in Epicor. Each quotation line provided for an affected F part number must also contain a comparison quotation line for the corresponding S part number to show the customer the price advantage of PosiBand.

Year 2:

  • Continuation of first year strategies
  • Formal End of Life (EOL) is issued
  • Positronic deactivates all older part numbers for which there is no purchase history in the last 24 months

Year 3:

  • Continuation of first and second year strategies
  • Product Change Notification (PCN) is issued with a fixed EOL date

How do customers benefit?

Customers get a superior product at a lower price. This is a rare occurrence and we are proud to offer this technology to the market. Talk to us!

Published: 6/5/2019

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