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A D-SUB is one of the most popular connectors in data processing. D-SUB's consists of 2 or more rows of pins or sockets surrounded by a D-shaped metal screen. The shield serves for mechanical rigidity, is also polarity reversal protection and protection against electromagnetic interference.
High Density
  • Hohe Zuverlässigkeit, hohe Dichtigkeit
  • Hohe Vielfalt an Kontaktgrößen und Kontaktvarianten
  • Größe 22 Konakte kombiniert mit 8 Leistungskontakten mit einer Strombelastbarkeit von bis zu 80 AMP jeweils
  • Leistungs-, Signal-, Coax-, Hochspannungs-, Luft- und Thermocouple Kontakt Optionen
  • Board zu Board, Kabel zu Kabel oder Board, Panel zu Kabel oder Board
  • Hohe Bandbreite an Steckern und Zubehör (blind Stecken und sequenzielles Stecken)
Standard Density
  • High reliability
  • 6 package variants
  • 22 contact variants
  • Current carrying capacity up to 100 amperes per contact
  • Power, signal, coaxial, High voltage, air and thermocouple contact Options
  • Board to board, cable to cable or board, panel to cable or board
  • High range of connectors and accessories (blind and sequential)
Die Optik-D -Serie ist ein ARINC 801 konformer Steckverbinder, entwickelt für den Einsatz in der Combo-D Serie.
Die Kernkompetenz liegt in den werkseitig bestückten Präzision Adapter, welche die Aufnahme von LWL gewährleistet. Vorteile sind unter anderem eine Reduzierung der Kontakte, des Gewichtes und geringe Dämpfungsverluste über große Entfernungen.
  • High Reliability
  • 6 Housing Variants
  • 22 contact variations
  • Current rating up to 100 amperes per contact
  • Power, Signal, Coax, High Voltage, Air and Thermocouple Contact Options
  • Board to Board, Cable to Cable or Board , Panel to Cable or Board
  • Wide range of accessories and connector options
  • High reliability, high leak tightness
  • High variety of contact sizes and contact angles
  • Size 22 contacts combined with 8 power contacts with a current carrying capacity of up to 80 AMP each
  • Power-, Signal, coaxial, high voltage, air and thermocouple contact Options
  • Board to board, cable to cable or board, panel to cable or board
  • High range of connectors and accessories (blind and sequential)
Dual Port

The dual-port series uses two D-sub connectors, stacked vertically in a single connector unit. This design leads to savings PCB space allows easy installation and a cost reduction due to the lower assembly costs. Dual port connectors meet the dimensional and power requirements of IEC 60807-2 Performance Level Two.

  • Available in any combination (standard, high and mixed density)
  • Combo-D options
  • 9-62 contacts in upper or lower positions
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Versatile hardware systems
  • Metric grid available
  • Application specific function

The MicroTCA specifications, denoted mTCA.x, is a series of PICMG specifications that take the extensive knowledge and practices developed with AdvancedTCA and AdvancedMC, and applies them to the area of smaller form factor plug-in systems. Positronic manufactures the power input connector for MicroTCA power modules in both board mounted and cable versions. This connector is called the QB series and its variant options meet the requirements of the MicroTCA Specification as follows:

  • QB7W2: MTCA.0 48V
  • QBH9W4: MTCA.0 24V
  • QBH5W5: MTCA.1 12V
  • QBH15W4: MTCA.1 12V
Connector Savers

Positronic offers a full range of D-Subminiature protective caps. These are used to protect a connector from unwanted wear during the test phase. These products can also be used as a sex transducer or transducer.

  • Standard Density, High Density, and Combo-D Variants
  • Solid, Twisted Contacts for High Reliability
  • PosiBand for maximum performance
  • Different performance levels for the best value for money, (industry, military, medical and aerospace)
  • Variety of accessories
  • For thermocouple, types K, T and E
Chassis and Supplies

Accessories for D-Sub connectors are designed to simplify the manufacturing process. This enables the end user to assemble and disassemble the connector. A variety of mounting options, hardware and cable adapters are available for all connector housings.

  • blind mounting Accessories
  • >li>Exhibited cable housings for more generous offset
  • Lightweight aluminum housings
  • knurled screws and coded device options
  • Quick disconnect lock
  • Li>Plastic and metal cable adapters, including EMI cable adapter
  • Holders and spacers
  • Protective covers
  • Panel / mounting options
Available as single connectors but also as feed-throughs on flange or plate. Main features are the low leakage of <5 x 10-9 mbar.l / s @ vacuum of 1.5 x 10-2 mbar and compatibility with IEC 60807-2, IEC 60807-3 and M24308. Also in this case it is our top priority to develop a new product together with our customers!
Design-In Support
We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.