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SMART announces miniaturization in DDR4 and Industrial DIMM's

SMART announces miniaturization in DDR4 and Industrial DIMM's

SMART Modular Technologies announced its line of DDR4-3200 32GB low profile industrial mini DIMMs. SMART is expanding its portfolio with the introduction of the 32GB Mini DIMMs, which include ULP (Ultra Low Profile) and VLP (Very Low Profile) with registered and unbuffered ECC options to meet a wide range of applications. For many years, SMART has supported mini DIMMs, providing a solid roadmap with new options for higher memory density and higher speed.

Intensive temperature stress testing ensures that SMART's DDR4-3200 32GB industrial mini-DIMMs operate smoothly in the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. This provides SMART with an ideal solution for telecommunications and network devices that are exposed to harsh operating conditions. By adding customer-specific robustness features such as conformal coating and anti-sulfur resistors to protect against toxic operating conditions or underpinning against excessive vibration, reliable long-term system operation is made possible.

Comparing DDR4 mini-DIMMs and SO-DIMMs, you will find equipment with more ground connections and higher performance. The additional power and ground connections ensure robust system operation under harsh conditions. Conformance tests are frequently performed to ensure compliance with NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) standards. Compliance with this standard indicates that a network product or telecommunications equipment is performing at its optimum level.

These new mini DIMMs complement an already robust family of DDR4 mini DIMMs offered by SMART. For further information please contact us!

Published: 2/20/2020

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