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World's smallest 24 W DC LED driver

World's smallest 24 W DC LED driver

Seoul Semiconductor, a leading global innovator in LED products and technologies, has developed the industry's smallest DC LED drivers with phase cut and ten times higher power density than conventional LED drivers.

The NanoDriver series products are the world's smallest LED drivers with a package size of 13.5mm x 13.5mm x 1.42mm and are available in four versions, with an output power of 16W and 24W for operating LED lighting, while the input power is 120V or 230V (50 to 60Hz).

The NanoDriver can be operated with AC or DC power supplies. Manufactured using Seoul Semiconductor's original Acrich technology, the NanoDriver series includes an integrated circuit mounted directly on the substrate, significantly reducing the size of the converter.

The drivers are ideal for downlights, recessed and rail-mounted luminaires and spotlights. Their small size enables wafer-thin and novel lighting fixtures in wall luminaires, allowing conventional lamp replacement without the need for a large recess for the driver or a reduction in luminous efficacy.

The LED drivers have typical efficiencies of 85% and a power factor of <0.9 and are designed for an inrush current of <300 mA. They have an overheat protection that limits the LED current at temperatures above 160°C. The LED current is limited to a maximum of 160°C. The operating temperature range is -40° to +70°C (ambient) and -20° to +85°C (TC point). The drivers are also UL approved, offer flicker-free, low superimposed AC operation for phase-cut dimmers and are California Title 24 compliant, allowing lighting designers to meet the highest design requirements including low flicker, high power factor, Class B EMI and 2 kV surge voltage.