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Always the right LED! The wavelength range from 280nm (UV) over visible LEDs to 950nm (IR) is completely covered. Besides the LEDs, we also provide the required accessories. These include an adequate LED current supply, LED driver units, optics for a homogeneous photographic image, heat sinks for the perfect thermal management, and DMX light-controllers.
Visible LEDs
Strong partners. Seoul Semiconductor is one of the biggest LED-enterprises worldwide. Their wide range of products covers all fields of LED-application. Seoul Semiconductor’s innovative products consistently allow new possibilities in realization. The current highlights are the top-view-LEDs of the 803-series, the medium-power series 5630, the high power series Z5P, and the Acriche-family. All these LEDs feature high efficiency, a high CRI, and subtle screening options.
UV LEDs: effective and simple. Much more effective than conventional UV light sources, as they generate high light intensities in the UV range in a narrow wavelength range. Since they are also semiconductor light sources, the controllability and regulation is completely problem-free. With us you receive UV-LEDs from 280nm to 405nm.
Large variety. Our product-assortment is trend-setting for the area of infrared optoelectronics. We provide you with durable, high-performance IR-LEDs from 850nm to 935nm, in plastic- or metal-cases. For applications under extremely harsh conditions, components with a working temperature range from -65°C (208.15K) to +125°C (398.15K) qualify.
A Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) is a semiconductor laser. Unlike a regular edge emitter that radiates light to the side of the chip, a VCSEL radiates light perpendicular to the surface. We can provide you with VCSELs as single components, or in fiber-optics-receptacles. Because of its outstanding characteristics (high light power, narrow angle of radiation), a VCSEL is very suitable for applications in fiber optics.
Fiber Optic (Sensor)
We make it possible. Our devices with a wavelength of 850nm offer the possibility of fiber optic applications with plastic fibers (PMMA), multimode and single mode fibers. LEDs or VCSELs are available on the transmitter side. PIN photo diodes with or without preamplifier are available as receivers. The components are available as single components as well as in ST or SMA Receptacle.
Design-In Support
We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.