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UV LEDs: effective and simple. Much more effective than conventional UV light sources, as they generate high light intensities in the UV range in a narrow wavelength range. Since they are also semiconductor light sources, the controllability and regulation is completely problem-free. With us you receive UV-LEDs from 280nm to 405nm.
UV-LEDs (SMD) (48)

Our UV LEDs in SMD packages are versatile and offer highest design flexibility. Special features are their long lifetime and high temperature ...

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UV-LEDs (COB) (6)

Our COB-UV-LEDs (Chip On Board) convince by very high optical performance on a small area. The chips are bonded directly onto a good heat ...

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UV-LEDs (Flip-Chip) (3)

Never again chipbonding. With innovative chip scale technology it is possible to equip UV-LED flip chips without wire bonding. The flip chips can ...

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UV-LEDs (THT) (15)

Our leaded UV LEDs in THT packages are available in a wavelength range of 265nm-310nm. Both standard products and customized solutions are ...

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UV-LED Modules (27)

UV modules: Standard and customer specific. Standardised solutions are often not sufficient to meet the wishes and requirements of the market.

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Our UV-LEDs-Manufacturer

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The latest news to: UV-LEDs

CUD13F4A - New 310nm UVB LED from Seoulviosys
The new CUD13F4A from Seoul Viosys combines 4 310nm UVB LED chips in a 5050 ceramic package and comes to market ...
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Showroom for UV-LED applications from Seoul Viosys
With the new showroom of Seoul Visosys/Violeds, Violeds offers a perfect overview of the application possibiliti...
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Design-In Support

We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.