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Always the right LED! With us you will find light emitting diodes from 280nm (UV) up to 950nm (IR) for all applications. Whether as SMD, COB, THT, OLED or as module, with us you are guaranteed to find the right LED for your lighting project. In addition to our standard products from well-known manufacturers, we also develop customer-specific LEDs according to your requirements.

The latest news to: LEDs

Horticulture LED-Technology
Professional and targeted Horticulture LED lighting systems are becoming more and more relevant when it comes to current trends such as urban gardening, vertical farming or indoor farming. As an authorized distributor for high quality LED components from renowned manufacturers, we not only offer you a broad portfolio of high-performance Horticulture LEDs..
New full spectrum LEDs from Bridgelux
Bridgelux, Inc. expands its product portfolio with full spectrum LEDs. Thrive SMD 2835 1W 9V and V10C are now available. Additional form factors of the SMD 2835 and V series will be available in late Q4 2019 / early Q1 2020.
Surface disinfection made easy with UV-C LED module from Seoul Viosys
UV-C light makes germs harmless. Up to now, disinfection has been carried out with mercury lamps, which generate UV rays. But the mercury is an extremely health-damaging heavy metal and can load the environment. Parallel to this are the UV-C wavelengths in a mercury tube, which can be used to kill germs only 20-25% of the total emitted wavelength spectrum...
Human Centric Lighting Seminar
We would like to invite you to our half-day seminars on HUMAN CENTRIC LIGHTING (HCL). Two informative lectures await you, which illuminate the holistic perception and effect of light on the human organism...
Distribution agreement signed with Bridgelux
With the LED manufacturer Bridgelux, we are further expanding our portfolio in "low power, packages and module products"...
3535 UV-A LEDs from Lextar Electronics
Newly added to the portfolio: The 3535 UV-A LEDs from Lextar. With the standard industrial housing 3535 a wide range of applications from 365nm to 405nm can be covered.
Design-In Support
We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.