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NEWS: sensors

OPB735: New non-contact reflective optcoupler for industrial automation applications
TT Electronics, a global supplier of electronics for high-value applications, has introduced its new OPB735 Series reflective object sensors for the most demanding industrial automation and safety applications under its Optek Technology brand...
LED 3030C for efficient LED plant lighting
Seoul Semiconductor's LED 3030C is capable of delivering more than 3.1 µmol/J, making it perfect for LED plant lighting applications...
Multi-Chip LED
Neumüller Elektronik, specialist for optoelectronic components, presents a new multi-chip LED in its portfolio. The multi-chip LED contains three visible LED chips and two infrared LED chips for future-oriented sensor technology...
Cliff detection with 3D time-of-flight imager from ESPROS
Today's best robot vacuums are full of high-tech features. Connected to WiFi they can be controlled by smartphone and even via a voice assistant. The combination of many sensors and software allows to drive around obstacles, map the rooms and plan the most economic cleaning path...
OPB350: Liquid sensor for critical medical applications
TT Electronics offers intelligent and reliable optoelectronic sensors for critical applications in the field of medical technology. With the OPB350 series of liquid sensors from OPTEK Technology, medical device manufacturers can detect a range of conditions. These range from 'tubing absent', 'tubing present', 'fluid in tubing', 'bubbles in tubing' to 'what type of fluid' (e.g. pure water, saline, dialysate fluid or blood) is flowing through the tubing...
Potentiometer and encoder for professional audio technology
TT Electronics, for many years a manufacturer of components used in the design and assembly of professional audio equipment, is expanding its professional audio portfolio with ten new product families. The portfolio expansion includes the introduction of five rotary potentiometer families, four sliding potentiometer families and an encoder series...
UV-C LED technology for disinfection and sterilization of bacteria and viruses
As Seoul Viosys announced in its press release, Seoul Viosys sees increased demand for its UV-C LED technology for sterilization applications to prevent the spread of corona virus...
OPB9001: Reflective optical sensor module for industrial and medical applications
Designed for portability in a variety of position and presence sensing applications, the OPB9001 PCB module from TT Electronics OPTEK Technology integrates the versatile and programmable OPB9000 reflective sensor, resistors, controllers and capacitors in a single package.
Surface disinfection made easy with UV-C LED module from Seoul Viosys
UV-C light makes germs harmless. Up to now, disinfection has been carried out with mercury lamps, which generate UV rays. But the mercury is an extremely health-damaging heavy metal and can load the environment. Parallel to this are the UV-C wavelengths in a mercury tube, which can be used to kill germs only 20-25% of the total emitted wavelength spectrum...
Distance measurement made easy with TOF range 611
With the TOF>range 611 of the Swiss photonic specialist Espros distances up to 15m can be measured...
3030C Wicop LED - Powerful and highly efficient
There is a new addition to the 3030 series at SSC: Since May the powerful and highly efficient (>220lm/W) 3030C with Wicop Technology Inside is available...
Miniature ToF imager TOF frame 611 with improved performance
For the 8x8 pixel miniature time-of-flight imager module TOF>frame 611 of the Swiss photonics specialist Espros the range could be increased from 2m to 3m by improved calibration and compensation algorithms. The module has...
Y22T - The new HighPower WICOP LED from Seoul Semiconductor
The new WICOP Highpower LED Y22T from Seoul Semiconductor has been available since the beginning of May. It can be ordered in 4000K and in the near future also in 5000K with a CRI of min. 70.
TOF CAM 635 - Easy and cost-effective introduction to TOF technology
The time-of-flight technology is gaining more and more importance in the field of 3D imaging. However, the development of a ToF camera requires extensive know-how regarding optics, illumination and signal processing. With the new TOF>cam 635 from the Swiss photonics specialist ESPROS Photonics Corporation, these time-consuming and cost-intensive hardware engineering tasks have already been solved and a cost-effective and powerful 3D time-of-flight camera module is available to the user...
New 375nm UV-A LED in CA3535 package
Seoul Viosys has expanded its product portfolio in the 375nm UV-A range. With the UV-LED CUN7GF1B the implemented UV1000 chip typ. 900mW @500mA offers a high thermal conductivity CA3535 package with UV transmission flat lens and a beam angle of 115°. This closes the gap in this package family in the available wavelengths of 365nm and 405nm.
New 850nm fiber optic LEDs with up to 8 percent more optical performance
Neumüller Elektronik GmbH now offers the new OPF350A and OPF352A fiber optic transmitters based on 850nm LED technology for advanced fiber optic applications. Designed for proven reliability and consistent high performance...
It's that easy. With the new UVC module CMW-FCC-CO1A from Seoul Viosys, you can integrate LED technology into your application quickly and easily. The module is waterproof and has the protection class IPX8...
Time-of-Flight (ToF) Imager epc611
At the end of 2017, ESPROS Photonics AG introduced the new Time-of-Flight (ToF) Imager epc611. It has an 8x8 pixel CCD photodiode array and is available as usual in a chip-scale BGA package. The pixel size is 20um x 20um, resulting in an active area of ​​160um x 160um...
NEW: 275nm UV-LED with 50mW
With the new UV LED CUD8AF4D, the manufacturer Seoul Viosys has introduced its next milestone in UV LED development and thus achieved an enormous leap in performance in the short-wave UV spectrum.
SPM64 - Multispectral Sensors
With the SPM64 - multispectral sensor developer kit - the Swiss semiconductor manufacturer ESPROS PHOTONICS AG offers another product based on its own Backside Illumination (BSI) manufacturing process.
Time-of-flight chip with 160 x 60 pixels
With the epc635, the Swiss semiconductor manufacturer ESPROS Photonics AG has launched another time-of-flight chip. This chip has a resolution of 160x60 pixels and is also based on BSI's own manufacturing process.
OPB9000: Miniature reflex sensor with programmable sensitivity
OPB9000 Photologic®V - Robust Reflective Object Sensor with high ambient light immunity.OPTEK Technologies Inc. sets new standards in sensor technology with the new Photologic®V. The Reflective Optical Sensor OPB9000 provides the most reliable edge and presence detection of reflective objects. The special feature of the OPB9000 is its high ambient immunity, which provides versatile applications in industrial and medical applications.
Neumüller Electronics Experts at the SpectroNet Collaboration Forum Jena 2016
Don't miss the innovative presentations of our experts, Matthias Flack and Jonatan Klee, on the topics "Usability of Time-of-flight (TOF) camera chips for innovative evaluation kits and camera applications" and "Usability of UV-LEDs for harmless disinfection, air/water purification and food preservation" at this year's SpectroNet Forum.
The new MAGNEPOT 8150 Series
The new MAGNEPOT® 8150 Series - a combination of Hall effect and rugged potentiometer design for highest demands
The new MagnePot® 8150 Series is a contactless multi-turn position sensor which completes at least 10 million revolutions with highest reliability without any impairment of the output signal in any way...
New 365nm UV LED with narrow beam angle
New in the portfolio of Neumüller Elektronik GmbH is a 365nm UV LED with a beam angle of 45°. This feature offers you completely new possibilities with regard to the design and implementation of your products. Many applications can be realized without an additional lens. This advantage not only makes room in the application, but also saves money.
A New Generation of TOF Camera Chips
The announced TOF - Time of Flight Camera Chip of the Swiss semiconductor manufacturer ESPROS Photonics AG offers a higher performance and optimal application in various applications.

The TOF chip with its size of 9.7 mm x 8.7 mm and its 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA resolution) offers extensive application possibilities. The CSP (Chip Scale Package) results in a height of just 0.28 mm with a light-active area of 6.4 mm x 4.8 mm.
New high-power alternative - the 3030 LED family
Seoul Semiconductor has expanded its mid/high power range with another innovative alternative. With the newly introduced LED family "3030" (STW8C2SA/STW9C2SA), both the LED chip and the package technology have been optimized with regard to thermal stability and luminous efficacy.
Seoul Semiconductor 3020 LED Family
Seoul Semiconductor, one of the world's leading LED manufacturers, introduces a new mid-power LED series. The STW8B12x/STW9B12x has a space-saving footprint and reduced package dimensions, enabling applications with concentrated light sources.
3D Time-of-Flight Sensors
The epc600 is a monolithic, highly integrated photoelectric CMOS device for optical distance measurement and object recognition. The chip measures 2.65mm x 2.65mm and is based on the 3D 'Time-of-Flight' (TOF) principle.
Photodiode Arrays
Highly sensitive photodiode arrays for optical sensors, light barriers and light curtains. With an extremely small footprint, a chip thickness of only 50μm - the ideal choice for the miniaturization of your sensor system!
The epc photodiodes are scalable and can be adapted in size exactly to your application. All rectangular shapes from 1mm x 1mm up to 15mm x 15mm are possible. Within a 1mm x 1mm grid the grating can be used as a large photodiode or any photodiode independently.