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NEWS: tof (time of flight)

Cliff detection with 3D time-of-flight imager from ESPROS
Today's best robot vacuums are full of high-tech features. Connected to WiFi they can be controlled by smartphone and even via a voice assistant. The combination of many sensors and software allows to drive around obstacles, map the rooms and plan the most economic cleaning path...
Distance measurement made easy with TOF range 611
With the TOF>range 611 of the Swiss photonic specialist Espros distances up to 15m can be measured...
Miniature ToF imager TOF frame 611 with improved performance
For the 8x8 pixel miniature time-of-flight imager module TOF>frame 611 of the Swiss photonics specialist Espros the range could be increased from 2m to 3m by improved calibration and compensation algorithms. The module has...
TOF CAM 635 - Easy and cost-effective introduction to TOF technology
The time-of-flight technology is gaining more and more importance in the field of 3D imaging. However, the development of a ToF camera requires extensive know-how regarding optics, illumination and signal processing. With the new TOF>cam 635 from the Swiss photonics specialist ESPROS Photonics Corporation, these time-consuming and cost-intensive hardware engineering tasks have already been solved and a cost-effective and powerful 3D time-of-flight camera module is available to the user...
Time-of-Flight (ToF) Imager epc611
At the end of 2017, ESPROS Photonics AG introduced the new Time-of-Flight (ToF) Imager epc611. It has an 8x8 pixel CCD photodiode array and is available as usual in a chip-scale BGA package. The pixel size is 20um x 20um, resulting in an active area of ​​160um x 160um...
Time-of-flight chip with 160 x 60 pixels
With the epc635, the Swiss semiconductor manufacturer ESPROS Photonics AG has launched another time-of-flight chip. This chip has a resolution of 160x60 pixels and is also based on BSI's own manufacturing process.
Neumüller Electronics Experts at the SpectroNet Collaboration Forum Jena 2016
Don't miss the innovative presentations of our experts, Matthias Flack and Jonatan Klee, on the topics "Usability of Time-of-flight (TOF) camera chips for innovative evaluation kits and camera applications" and "Usability of UV-LEDs for harmless disinfection, air/water purification and food preservation" at this year's SpectroNet Forum.
A New Generation of TOF Camera Chips
The announced TOF - Time of Flight Camera Chip of the Swiss semiconductor manufacturer ESPROS Photonics AG offers a higher performance and optimal application in various applications.

The TOF chip with its size of 9.7 mm x 8.7 mm and its 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA resolution) offers extensive application possibilities. The CSP (Chip Scale Package) results in a height of just 0.28 mm with a light-active area of 6.4 mm x 4.8 mm.
3D Time-of-Flight Sensors
The epc600 is a monolithic, highly integrated photoelectric CMOS device for optical distance measurement and object recognition. The chip measures 2.65mm x 2.65mm and is based on the 3D 'Time-of-Flight' (TOF) principle.